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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Rock and roll is..

...such a collosal waste of time. Well at least it seems so to me. Last night I went ot see my brothers band play and was reminded of how I just don't get it. Even when I was a rock star I did not get it. That doesn't mean I did not enjoy it but I just did not get it. I do know it is for the young because I am way to old to maintain that kind of lifestyle. Just too much improperly used time. My brother has a long road ahead. His band just does not seem to have the magic that pop poppins had and I do not think it will. It's not that they suck no they are all very capable musicians in their own right but they havent gelled yet. Hopefully it will come in time they are still relatively fresh with only 4 gigs under their belts. We shall see. Well not me if they keep playing that late.

Grace and Peace, Mark


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