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The standard is love. love the Lord and love your neighbor. It is by our love that we will be known as his disciples. Love is patient love is kind.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Pendulum Man

I think I wrote a poem with above title in high school about myself once. I did so on realizing that my two favorite essayists at the time were Gore Vidal and William Buckley. The same goes for my blog interests currently. I read reformed and emergent theologically baised bloggers concurrently. I have read "a generous orthodoxy:(large subtitle)" and found it all over the place kind of like myself except I did not keep all my wanderings within Chrisianity. ( See the parabola link.)

Family devotional time is not going as well as I hoped. Due intoto to my lack of leadership. I will continue on in pray and work at getting it going stronger. I think I initially bit of more that I couuld chew in trying to develope a devotional on my own so I am going to other resources instead.

I am reading a proverb a day and would like to continue to do so for the whole year.

Grace and Peace, Mark


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