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Thursday, December 02, 2004

At the Bass Hall

I am a cowtown Kool ade drinker. I have already mentioned in previous posts our great museums. Now I am to trumpet the praises of the Bass Hall. It is elegent and grand and beautiful. I always enjoy going there and unfortunately do not get to go there enough. Last night my wife and I had a date there with Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax. It was an all Beethoven recital and at first I was a little disappointed. I say this because I love the cello and everyone knows LvB loved the piano. Fort Worth is a piano town as Mr. Ma stated so the piano lovers in cowtown were not disappointed, and in the end nor was I. My initial disappointment was quickly turned to joy when I put my instrumental favoritism aside and just let LvB's musical brilliance brighten my spirits. The music for piano and cello by Lvb is great music and taken as such truly moves the soul. As a duo Messrs Ax and Ma are near symbiotic and immensly enjoyable to wach. The ease at which they play their instruments belies the level of effort to attain such mastery. I am always awed by how apart of his being the cello seems to be when Mr. Ma is playing. Granted I have only seen him four times and Mr. Ax I have had the pleasure of seeing three times. The two of them seem like kids in a candy store when they play togehter and it is just so beautiful to see. I have heard each of the pieces many times before but their obvious enthusiasm for the music made them fresh for me. All that can be said is that great music was played by great musicians in a great hall amoung great company (my wife) meant for a great time.

Grace and Peace, Mark


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