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Monday, November 22, 2004

Saturday at the Kimbal

This past Saturday I took my son, daughter and her friend to the Kimbal art Musuem. The Primary reason being to see the Miro String Quartet as it was a free concert and free is for me as I always say and it is the best way to introduce the children to music and if Daniel got fussy which he did we could leave early which we did andnot worry about money lost. We made it through the first movement of theBeethoven and my boy says" bye bye music pa pa bye bye " so it was time to go and the girls were happy because mom didn't tell them about the music just that we were going to the Kimbal to do some sketching and they had an exhibit of horses. George Stubb and the Horse the featured exhibition and the kids enjoyed it. It is small but encompassing in scope. The horse is such a magnificent creation and some of the paintings really captured the nobility and strength of the animal. There is no sketching of special exhibitions at the Kimbal so we went also to look at some of the permanent collection. I am truly greatful that the Kimbal is free so I can expose my children to great art. After some brief sketching it was time to frollic about outside for awhile. Our next outing will be to the Amon Carter museum another great free location.

Grace and Peace, Mark


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