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Monday, November 01, 2004

picking nits

I feel confident that we have all heard the phrase "not meaning to be nit picky but..."
We as the saying goes the devil is in the details and I think we should all spend some more time picking nits. As a society we have become to lax on too many fronts and a little scrutiny and criticism would not be a bad thing. I currently am unable to completely fulfill my biblical duty as the financial provider for my family and therefore my wife watches children to make some extra money. We watch the child of an ex girlfriend of mine who is going through a nasty divorce and is under a lot of strain. This child unfortuneately has lice. We have a four week old baby boy as well as a 2yr old boy and a10yr old girl. Needless to say we dont need lice in our home, not that anybody needs it but it makes our situation even more hectic. My wife has spent this whole morning washing this poor 2yr old girls hair and then picking nits. The girls mother can't be bothered with such details right now becaus of divorce, new job, lawsuit, and sundry other issues. Picking nits has gotten out of fashion it seems and it is the children who suffer and those who care for them. Had I been nit picked in some areas in my life I don't think my family would be in this situation but here we are and we have to tough it out. So I recomend we pick some nits and floss our teeth and wash behind the ears.

Grace and Peace, Mark


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