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Friday, November 12, 2004

Rise of the dollar store

Does it signify the end of civilization? I do not believe so, but there is some concern to be had I think about the rise of dollar stores and their ilk. I frequent them myself but not with out some trepidition as to the underlying signifigance of their existance. Is it a sign of a poor economy or is it emblamatic of our consumer culture that our gluttonous need has gotten so out of hand that producers are on overdrive and surpluses abound? I can get a weeks worth of meals for 8 to 10 dollars. This is great for me because our family is on a tight budget due to the fact that I can not provide enough money to take care of us but that is another story. Back to the food at the dollar store. It is not the healthiest fare nor the most palatable but I con supplement other ways to make up for that and we do not only shop at the dollar store for our food. I just do not think in the long run that sustaining the consuption levels that we are at will be good for us in the long run. Most of the stuff at these stores is crap anyway. Lots and lots of junk. I find that my own house has to much junk and I could probalbly have a garage a week for three months and still not be rid of the junk we have accumulated. I am beginning to believe that it is sinnful to have as much junk as we do because it gets in the way of living more often than not. I know that our standard of living is pumped up by the consumption culture but I feel that some how there has to be a better way of living.

Grace and Peace, Mark


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have the ability to handle all things, merely lift your level of expectations and the application of what is required to get there will become secondary in nature. Jump. JUmp. JUMp. JUMP...

Do not fall the fretting hour in despair...yours is a life to be victorious.

11:44 AM  

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