Immutable Standard

The standard is love. love the Lord and love your neighbor. It is by our love that we will be known as his disciples. Love is patient love is kind.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Bye bye

Few things are as sweet as the sound of a two year old saying bye bye. It has a certain innocence and is something that can be repeated every two steps. My son first learned to say bye bye at the day care not to me or his mom or teachers for that matter but to the air planes over head. His day care was right under the flight path of Carswell NAS/JRB and since that fateful september day the planes have been very frequent. Our humble abode is also under the flight path of most of the training jets. You learn to pause conversations while the planes are over head and pick up wher you left off easily. The planes no longer disturb my naps I've gotten so used to them. Unlike Thomas Merton who also lived under the path of the American war birds I find the sound to be reassuring. I often offer up a prayer of thanks for the sacrifices that many men and women have made for us and for comfort for the families of thes tha serve. When ever my son sees or hears a plane he says bye bye and the sweetness of that and what it means to me helps me to understand that the price of what blessings we have in America is high. And even greater is the price of our salvation.

Grace and Peace, Mark

Sunday, September 12, 2004

my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I tore my calf muscle which is very painful. We ate some German food at Eidelweiss in the great city of Fort Worth.

Grace and Peace, Mark

Friday, September 10, 2004

Hello everyone

Well time for me to join the foray. How exciting to be apart of the information age finally. I am pretty much a traditionalist, not quite a luddite, but not on the cutting edge of technology to be sure. This probably won't be a very active site. At best I hope to post about twice a week. I am interested in the arts, politics, religion, well pretty much every thing. I live to serve the Lord as revealed in the bible and do so as a sinner forgiven by the blood of Christ resurected.

Grace and Peace, Mark

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