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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

teaching the next generation

My great grand parents on my fathers side came here from Russia to escape from Stalins reign of terror. My grand father was a police officer. That is all I know about him. My dads dad was a left handed golfer and worked very hard all his life and told great stories of the depperession and his youth. My dad never missed a day of school. On my mothers side it is even less clear. Her father was involved in card parlors and one of her brothers was the kind of guy who took care of things for you in a not so friendly manner. At least this is the gist of what I remember. So barely 3 generations on and the facts are cloudy and vague within our family history. What kind of legacy is that for my children. In this egalitarian relativistic age I suppose it is good for people not to have a sense of family but I feel that it is wrong. My grandmother passed a couple of weeks ago and my daughter got to see her a few years ago. I remember one time I called her fat. I still feel bad about it. I work so much right now that I barely saee my children and this makes me sad. I want to teach them what the Lord has done for me and our family. I want them to know that they are part of history in an individual way. I am going to encourage them to learn about their faith family and country as well as their future. It did not take the Isrealites many generations to forget what God had done for them and soon they did what was right in their own eyes. Now our own country has forgotten what it went through growing up. Focusing more on its failures than its successes our schools are failing our children. My next post will be about my plan to suppliment my childrens education in an Adamsian way. First they will know what God has done for us and them and that they should share this good news.

Grace and peace, Mark


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